Bootstrap is basically a browser based IDE which is considered as the best front end framework. It is compatible with almost all the major browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc. When it comes to developing web applications and web sites, It proves out to be really handy stuff just because of its simplicity and availability of number of tool kits and other supportive stuff. These tool kits help web developers to create really stunning website designs and web applications with the help of just a few clicks . You can easily download it from Github as open source tool.

Bootstrap offers a lot of amazing UI kits which you can easily integrate with your web design project and improve its development process smoothly. When it comes to designing the web templates , it really helps dev designers in many ways, because its framework is packed with clean CSS/CSS3 coding to create stunning effects. The web templates which are developed in Bootstrap framework consists of all the features which a web designer can think of. Just because of this flexibility with many design projects a lot of designers and developers started using it as their front end tool.

We have mentioned the list of handy and useful Free Bootstrap templates here. Do check these out and let us know your valuable suggestions about the framework templates. These Bootstrap templates are free to use and download.

1) Boot Strapper



2) Colorful flat Bootstrap Theme



3) Onassis



4) Gotya free Bootstrap Theme



5) Siimple



6) free Bootstrap Responsive Template Photography



7) Link



8) MPurpose



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