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Although words do matter, but sometimes images express more than the words. Now in every website, images play a vital role. Every WordPress website and WordPress blog now deals with pictures. But these images may increase in size as the image count increases and consequently consumes more and more memory space. To reduce the size, image optimization is done with the help of image optimization plugins. There are some Image Plugins for WordPress, which do not allow uploading the large sized images and files. There are also some Image Plugins for WordPress, which help in the representation of images like tagging, size manipulation, sliders and much more. Here we have enlisted some of the best Image Plugins for WordPress which can help you in picture management. Read the following:

  1. WP Smush.it

Image Plugins for WordPress

WP Smush.it is an optimization and compression plugin, which is best among the image plugins for wordpress. This plugin compresses the pictures and reduces its size, with some image quality reduction. The image can be compressed as an individual image or in a bulk. It optimizes the JPEG images, extract unused colors and pixels from pictures. It converts the GIFs into indexed PNGs.

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  1. Imsanity

Image Plugins for WordPress 2

Imsanity is an image plugin which automatically reduces the size of large images. It sets the max height, width and quality for an image. Due to this automation, it is ranked among some of the best image plugins for wordpress. This plugin can be used in a site/blog which does not require high quality pictures.

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  1. Awesome Flickr Gallery

Image Plugins for WordPress 3

Awesome Flickr Gallery is a plugin which can be used for the flickr images. This helps in making a gallery of flickr images, and this gallery will be shown on the wordpress enabled blog and website. It also provides a simple, creative, customizable and fast way to make professional flickr galleries. This plugin is gaining fame among the top rated image plugins for wordpress day by day.

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  1. Get Post Image

Image Plugins for WordPress 4

Get Post Image allows image resize, flips, rotations, adjustments and many other functions. This plugin also has an option of Image Annotation and it has made itself famous among the image plugins for wordpress.

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  1. SEO Friendly Images

Image Plugins for WordPress 5

SEO Friendly Images is an SEO image plugin for wordpress. It automatically inserts and updates the TITLE and ALT texts of an image and makes it SEO friendly. If an image already has ALT and TITLE, it updates it to best SEO. If an image has not ALT and TITLE, it sets it according to the saved settings.

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  1. Lightbox Slider

Image Plugins for WordPress 6

Lightbox Slider is an image plugin for wordpress, based on the bootstrap framework. It allows the users to create multiple galleries. It is a responsive slider, which automatically sets the image size according to resolution of the screen. It also provides the fade image animation and lightbox image preview.

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  1. Image Watermark

Image Plugins for WordPress 7

Image Watermark is one of the top image plugins for wordpress. As the name shows, it is used in watermarking of images. It allows watermarking on the individual image as well as in the bulk. It can also work on the previously uploaded images.

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