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In today’s world of internet and technology, world is evolved into a global village. With the advancement in Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, it is easier for people to connect with each other. These Social Sites have also helped many businesses in their growth. Now every company has its own website (WordPress Website) or a blog (WordPress Blog, Bloggers Blog), to keep their viewers/users constantly updated with the new information. These companies have also made their Profiles and they have linked these profiles with their websites. There are several social media plugins for WordPress, which allows a linkage between the WordPress Websites and Social Profiles. Here we have enlisted top 5 social media plugins for WordPress.



Top 5 Social Media Plugins for WordPress 1

Sociable is an advanced and feature-packed plugin among some of the top social media plugins for WordPress.  Its latest version now includes a pinterest icon, font changes and other tremendous features. This plugin is totally free. It has also introduced Sociable Skyscraper, which can be used as a rating system for WordPress blog/website. Sociable has a Sociable Slider (a banner) as well, which prompts the viewers to share it to the world. It is a customized plugin which allows to change text, colors and other properties. It also has icons for many social websites like Facebook, G+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.


Floating Social Media Icon

Top 5 Social Media Plugins for WordPress 2

Floating Social Media plugin has Icons which allow its users to link their social media profiles to their WordPress Website or Blog. It includes the buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, RSS Feed, G+ and etc. This plugin has 20+ Icon Styles, different Icon Sizes, shortCode Support, automatic and manual integration, enable and disable Floating. Its features also include a fast loading, easy configuration and full documentation for help. Due to its distinguishing features, it is among best social media plugins for WordPress.


Social Media Feather

Top 5 Social Media Plugins for WordPress 3

Social Media Feature is a light weight and one of the top social media plugins for WordPress. It has a full support for Retina and High Resolution Display for iPad and other devices. This plugin does not use any JavaScript which makes it really fast in loading and execution. Apart from other Social Sites, it has sharing buttons for Reddit, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr, Vimeo and FourSquare.



Top 5 Social Media Plugins for WordPress 4

Shareaholic is another awesome social media plugin for WordPress. It allows the viewers and readers to discover and share their articles and blog posts to different social sites. It also have Social Analytics features, which show a report for popular webpages of your website. It is fast and secure. Its users are increasing every day and it touches almost 300 million people each month. Its demand is increasing in the market and is among the famous social media plugins for WordPress.


Social Media Widget

Top 5 Social Media Plugins for WordPress 5

Social Media Widget is a widget for sidebar. It allows the users to enter their social networking profile URLs and subscription options. It has tons of icons with 4 fixed and custom size options, 4 icon packages, different animations and CSS options. It is very useful and stands in the list of top social media plugins for WordPress.


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