The One thing about google which I love is that it has already provided us with all the tools and blueprint of how to do SEO to our websites. As the eyes do not see ourselves many of us ignore this map and are looking and hoping to make our website reach the top of search engines.

Be a SEO Expert in no time

Why do we need to be on top of search engines?

The answer is very simple. We need to be on top of search engines for our required keywords as we want to increase website traffic on our website or blog.

What steps are we taking about it?

In order to reach the top. We submit out websites to search engines, forums, blogs, directories and the list goes on but do we really look at our websites and analyze it like an seo expert?

I am Not an SEO expert?

When I say to people to look at their website as an SEO expert the answer I often get is that I am not an SEO Expert. But what if I tell you that you are only you do not realize it yet.

Why you are not an SEO expert?

I asked this question to lot of people and they came up with all kinds of answers. Some of the most common  are

1)      I do not know SEO and I do not have the right kind of SEO tools

2)      I do not know how Google’s Algorithm works

3)      SEO people have contacts with high PR websites and they can make my website reach the top and get traffic in no time

4)      If I was an SEO expert I would have been earning a lot

5)      Do I look an SEO Expert to you. They are people from another planet.

Ok the last one was just inserted for a little fun. Now let me tell you something which might shock you and inspire you to become an SEO Expert right away. Let me tell you facts which we all see before our eyes and ignore it every time.

seo expert

SEO Expert

1)      Google has already provided you with the blueprint you need for your websites to be on the top. Imagine knowing how you can reach at the top. This makes you not only a SEO expert but a very good one too.

2)      It might surprise you that most of the SEO people do not know how google’s algorithm really works. If they knew they could have created their version of google easily. Google’s algorithms also never remain constant. They keep changing it from time to time.

3)      You are not earning because you do not see the blueprint

4)      If you know about the “hummingbird” algorithm of google then you must by now know that google will be penalizing those websites which try to buy link from higher PR websites. In fact as per  as I see it PR will be out very soon.

So without further ado let us see what this blue print is. Believe me or not it is google itself.

Now before you begin to think that I am out of my mind. Think again. Type your main keyword in google’s search engine. What do you see? a list of websites.  These websites are actually the blueprint that google is providing you.

Leave the content based websites like Wikipedia, hubpage, yahoo answers and other websites which are based on other people’s data. Find sites which are real. A company or personal website and make a list of these websites. Do not pick many website one or two is enough which are coming on the first page of google.

These website have reached their not by any magic but beating every other website on the way. So this or these websites are your way to success too but do not rush and start copying the website word by word. If you have to do it then work intelligently. Open the website in your browser and press view source. Now you have the map. The greatest tool you need for seo. Now how can this map help you where you want to reach.  Be an SEO expert you have the chance now but do not copy the whole map only the elements. You need to know the basic html and css but that is not difficult to learn. Pick any basic book. Ok so back to our technical discussions SEO Expert.

1)      Examine the title tag how many times do you see your main keywords repeated

2)      Do this for description and the complete body

3)      Examine the headers h1,h2,h3 how many times these are used

4)      Note the use of images and see if alt or title tags are applied in them

5)      Note the use of Stylesheets whether they are inline or online

6)      See the pages that this page is linking to. (Check the <a href tags)

7)      Make a list of all these findings these are invaluable

Check other pages for other keywords.

I have found some people apply this technique but a little wrongly by being lazy. If you are a little lazy then do the changes offline and when every page is done then only upload your website. It is usually better to replace the entire old site with new look and feel.  Too many changes very frequently in the old site gives Search engines a reason to think that you are spamming. But a new look to an old side is a different story.

Now when you make the changes just do not copy the other website word by word but use your brains. You have to be original. That is why I say use the elements not the entire map for example

If you are changing your title then try to use the no the keyword the other website has used but give a title of your own. So use your own words but follow the map.

When you have complete designing the page look for the other websites back links. Just goto google and type

(Links:website domain) make a list of the back links and try if your website can also get a back link from these websites.

So Now you have the blue print. Now you can be an SEO expert too.


This Article is Shared by: Saurabh Gupta

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