Technology has brought a drastic change in our daily life. Nothing is permanent in this world. The world keeps on evolving.  Technology has also played a vital role in the field of website development. HTML is a markup language which is commonly used for building web pages. HTML5 is the latest and updated version of HTML. It provides much better support and has introduced new attributes to make the web pages more appealing and pleasing. The new HTML5 semantic tags include Audio, video, article, canvas, output, keygen, details, header, summary and many others. These tags provides an easy way of building an extremely useful and attractive website. This HTML5 tutorial will give you the information about new HTML5 tags. These new HTML5 semantic tags provide much effectiveness and make an application more efficient and useful. The article explains some of the new HTML5 tags that are commonly in use.



One of the most important amongst new HTML5 semantic tags is the Audio tag which is used for sound. It helps us to put different music and audio directly in our page. It supports different type of formats like Mp3, Ogg and Wav. The following code will explain how to use it.


  [divider] [/divider]


The mark is used to highlight the respective portion of text. When something is considered important in a document or in a sentence, use mark tag. This tag also increases the attention of user. It helps us to pay attention on the highlighted text. Here is the code which will help you to understand it.


  [divider] [/divider]


The progress of the task is represented by the progress tag. It further consists of two important attributes. The max and value. The max describes total task to be completed. If we have not given its value then its default value is 1.0. Value attribute shows the current status of the task that how much it is completed. Here is the code with output which will reveal the usage of progress along with its attributes.


  [divider] [/divider]


Now HTML5 provides us to use our own video of interest directly in a document. This is an outstanding feature. You neither need any kind of lengthy procedure nor different plug-ins to display video on a website. Just use simple video tag. Mp4, WebM and Ogg are the three supported formats. Use it and run short funny clips or entire movie.


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Section is a new HTML5 tag which is very common. Its basic purpose is to define a section in any document. A page may contain multiple sections.


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It is considered a good practice to use the figure element along with figcaption. If we want that our photos, diagrams and images have a caption then use this tag. Different browsers like google chrome, Mozilla, internet explorer and many others support figcaption. The following code will illustrate it in a better way.


  [divider] [/divider]

Apart from the aforementioned tags, there are several other new HTML5 semantic tags used for multiple purposes. However, it is important to note that HTML5 has still not become the standard for structuring web pages. The current standard is still HTML4

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