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WordPress is one of the most renowned blogging management software tool as well as CMS tool on the Internet that defines it the most wanted software among people all over the world. Having a WordPress site means that its essential to put an extra effort to protect your account from malicious users. To keep your wordpress secure from such illegal attacks, here is few lists to follow best practices for securing your WordPress account. So the main question is “Is Your WordPress Account Really Secure?”. It is very much to essential to bring into notice that these measures guarantee100% protection against hacking attempts and various major attacks in future:-

Virus Detected

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Secure Your WordPress Hosting by Enabling SiteGround

A team of experienced security specialists work around the clock to make various attempts to provide wordpress users a safe and secure WordPress environment that they can use to create their multiple sites without worrying whether the account that they are hosting is secure enough to use or not?

  • Automatic WordPress Updates
  • Talented Security Team
  • Quality Account Isolation System
  • WordPress Firewall Software Tool
  • Updated PHP & MySQL Versions

Update WordPress Sites And Plug-ins

It is extremely important to enable your WordPress files and every other imporatnt plugins updated to latest versions. Various new WordPress and plugin versions comprises of advance security patches. Even if those vulnerabilities cannot be easily erestricted but it is still very important to fix them.

Protect Admin Area Of WordPress

It is important to restrict all access to your WordPress admin area initially to avoid getting an attack message from any unwanted user. If your site seems to be not supporting a valid registration or any type of content creation, then your visitors should not be able to access your /wp-admin/folder or the wp-login.php file. The best option that you can do is to have our home IP address or use a site like whatismyip.com or add these important lines to the .htaccess file in your WordPress admin folder replacing xx.xxx.xxx.xxx with your registered IP address. This will help keep your wordpress account in secure mode.
In case if users want to have an easy access to multiple things such as office, home PC, laptop, etc., then simply add: Allow from xx.xxx.xxx.xxx statement on a new line.
Well, If you want to access your admin area from any IP address, take for example, if you often rely on accessing free Wi-Fi networks, then restricting your admin area into an IP address or to very few IPs can be an inconvenient option. In such cases we recommend users to limit the number of incorrect login attempts made by them into your wordpress site. This will protect your WordPress website from dangerous attacks such as brute-force attacks.

Avoid using admin username

Its often seen that most of the attackers will assume that your admin username is “admin”. In this case, one can easily block the brute-force and other attacks by easily naming your admin username in different ways. Well, in case of installing a new WordPress site, users are asked for username during the WordPress installation process. But if you already have a WordPress account, one can easily follow all the instructions of how to change WordPress username.

Using strong passwords

Using strong passwords

Using strong passwords

You will be surprised to know that there are thousands of people that use prefer using phrases like “password” or “123456” for their admin login details. Its quite disappointing to say that such passwords can be easily targetted and are on the topmost list of any dictionary attacks. A sane choice is to use an entire sentence that makes applicable to you and also its easy to remember. Such passwords are far better than any single phrase ones.

Consider two-factor authentication System

Enabling two-factor authentication process for newly ref\gistered WordPress website that will significantly improve every security related to your wordpress website. One of the easiest ways to avail this is to use Clef process that authenticates properly using your mobile phone.

Confirm That Your WordPress site is on a secured WordPress hosting mode

Your WordPress site is as secure as your hosting account. If someone wants to exploit certain vulnerabilities in an old PHP version, take for example services on your hosting platform, then it really doesn’t matter that you have the latest WordPress version or not. Listed below are few features that wordpress users should take into consideration:-

  • Installing latest PHP and MySQL versions
  • Isolation of account
  • Web Application Firewall software
  • Intrusion detecting process for safety purpose

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