There is a very remote chance that you have been browsing the Internet and haven’t come across AdSense advertisements.The ubiquitous add links can be seen on every website that regularly publishes content. You will find AdSense links on websites providing professional services too, although this is not recommended because it sends your valuable traffic away and it also conveys the message that since you are not doing enough business you are trying to generate some extra cash with the help of AdSense ads.

Google AdSense Advantages and Dis-Advantages

Google AdSense Advantages and Dis-Advantages

Ever since millions of people started publishing content on the Internet Google invented a novel way of displaying ads and provided an opportunity to the publishers to earn some good money. The AdSense links are not only used by amateur publishers they are also a significant source of income for mainstream media publishers such as newspapers and video websites.

Google AdSense Advantages

1.       Easy to Join

2.       Easy to Install

3.       No Affiliate Programs

4.       No Extra Work

5.       One and Done

6.       Made for Beginners

7.       No product required

8.       Search options helps keep visitors on the site itself

9.       Multiple websites from one adsense account

10.       100% Targeted ads


 Google AdSense Dis-Advantages

1.       Very difficult to make good money because you need to generate lots of clicks even to make small amounts of money.

2.       The ads look a bit unprofessional and may not suit your website or blog design.

3.       You cannot format the ads according to your wishes completely.

4.       Google can penalize you and stop your AdSense revenue as and when it deems it fit.

5.       You cannot control the money that you are paid per click.

6.       You cannot fully control what sort of ads and links appear on your website or blog but those will be targeted.

7.       You cannot click on your own ads even a single mistake can lead you to be banned.

8.       If you get blocked you cannot create a new account with same name and details if you did after making $0.01 your account will be blocked again without any reason.

9.       You cannot make a website or blog just to make money from adsense you must have quality content on your site with regular updates.

10.       You cannot fully control what sort of ads and links appear on your website or blog but those will be targated.


Note: If you have a website or blog with a low number of visitors and impressions then leave adsense, to be honest it will take months to make just $100. Try to sell your ad spots directly to your clients and websites.

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