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Have you been seeking out ways that can help drive more traffic to your WordPress website? Probably, you may even find different techniques to increase your website traffic. For instance, you might invest plenty of your time in creating an amazing design to increase your website visual appeal and so on. But, what if you can achieve such an objective without having to invest your valuable time and money? That’s possible, by making social sharing on your site easy for visitors.

An online research demonstrates that nearly 82% of users pay more heed to buying online based on their friends’ recommendations. As you may know, posting high quality content on your website can help in creating more incoming links to your site. In fact, your visitors will most likely want to share your content. And, since most of the web surfers rely on the recommendations of their friends, they’ll certainly visit your site. This will eventually increase your website traffic.

But, you need to ensure that your visitors can share your website data easily on social media networks. Fortunately, there are many useful social sharing WordPress plugins that can make the process of sharing content a hassle-free task. In this post, we’ll be talking about 10 of the best, free options available in the WordPress Plugin Repository.

1. Simplified Social Sharing

Just as the name suggests, now you can share your content, product details and other information in a simple and easy manner using the Simplified Social Sharing WordPress plugin. It will allow your users to share your website content over 50 different popular social networks like Google, Facebook, etc.

2. Floating Social Bar

Floating Social Bar

This plugin places a floating share bar on your WordPress pages or posts. The floating ability of the social media bar help in getting maximum shares. The Floating Social bar comes with an options interface, enabling you to drag-and-drop the social media buttons you want to show up on your website. It supports only some of the most popular social networks, so as to make the process of social sharing blazing fast.

3. OnePress Social Locker

OnePress Social Locker
This plugin unlocks the content behind your social media buttons on your WordPress website only when a visitor “likes”, “shares” or “tweets” or click on “+1” on your page. Getting more likes or shares can help you build a loyal number of followers, and thereby helps in improving your website ranking.

4. ShareThis

This is probably among the top most downloaded social sharing plugins for WordPress sites. It helps in making a WordPress site socially active, by allowing users to share the content using the ShareThis widget that includes many great features like Social Analytics, Open Graph Sharing, etc.

5. Shareaholic


Want to earn profits from social sharing? Well, then using the Shareholic WordPress plugin best suits your needs. It presents a highly effective way to boost website traffic, by helping you engage with your audience. It helps provide related content recommendations, social sharing option, help earn revenue from affiliate linking and much more.

6. Social Media Feather
Social Media Feather

This social sharing plugin that helps in integrating social media icons that supports retina display functions. It is an extremely lightweight plugin and makes social sharing super fast.

7. Jetpack

One of the most popular and widely-used WordPress plugin, Jetpack comes bundled with a rich feature-set, including social sharing feature and many others. It helps in integrating many well-known social networks to a WordPress website like Tumblr, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook.

8. Mashshare


Mashshare help adds responsive social media icons that look great regardless of the device used to access your site. Additionally, it provides sticky share buttons that remain visible to your visitors as they scroll down your site. What’s more? It even provides a count of the total number of shares you’ve received on Twitter and Facebook.

9. Facebook All
Facebook All
Do you own a WordPress blog and would like to make it connected with Facebook social plugins? In that case, Facebook All is exactly what you need. It will enable your site visitors to login and register with Facebook, as well as, Google social networks. Additionally, it lets them comment on social networks.

10. Pinterest Pin It Button On Image Hover And Post


If you have a display your WordPress pages/posts and images into your Pinterest account, then “Pinterest Pin It Button On Image Hover” plugin is the right choice for you. It will provide you the facility to pin your pages, blog posts and images and show them up in the Pinterest boards. This plugin even gives the ability to show or hide the “pin it button” in your post/page on image hover.


So, these are 10 free social sharing WordPress plugins that you must consider for increasing your website traffic via sharing content on social media sites.

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