What Designing An Awesome Logo Will Cost You?

In designing an awesome logo, a designer always starts with a rough sketch that outlines what symbols should be used, what idea needs to be neatly conveyed and how the text would be translated into the logo. If you look at classic logos like McDonalds’ and Google’s, you’d easily notice that its famous trademark label comes from a logo that simply uses the letters of the alphabet.designing-an-awesome-logo

Another key to designing an awesome classic logo that’s as effective as that of tested brands is to always stick with the simplest but clearest concept, and nothing is simpler and clearer than using a text-based logo design. But how exactly do you start designing an impressive font-style-dependent concept? Here are two tips:

1. Use Professional Fonts
Text-based logos rely heavily in font type, kerning method and color. Professional typography is always the safest choice in starting a text-based idea. To know some of the most popular professional fonts today, it’s always helpful to consult the wisdom of social media. Perform a search on social media and in other graphics-design-related forums on what’s the most trending and new font styles that designers’ clients usually find agreeable. Now list down the Font Styles’ names, and with that, find those fonts through a simple Google search and download them. Now the problem is: what if these logos cost a lot? That’s when we go to Tip #2.

2. Acquire Those Professional Popular Fonts That Cost Nothing

Designing an awesome logo doesn’t have to cost much. If you’re an illustrator who can come up with impressive drawings for your logo, then there’s no reason to buy expensive font packages. What you can do instead is go visit sites like this one here that showcases the Best Free Professional Fonts of 2013

In Designing An Awesome Logo, Always Rely on Trusted Sources

This list in particular is one of the best sources where you can get quality font styles. Performing a single search on the best fonts can show numerous websites that list their own list of best fonts.designing-an-awesome-logo 2 However, although the term “best” is subjective, some of the results you get from a simple Google search are not peer-reviewed and would be hard to tell if clients actually made an opinion about them.

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