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Best WordPress Social Content Locker Plugins For FREE

Social content locking plugins can boost your social traffic and your website ranking. Google is favoring social signals to rank websites in SERPs these days so it will be wise [...]

Best WordPress Corporate Business Themes Multipurpose

Here we have collected some Best WordPress Corporate Business Themes. These Business themes are perfect for any type of company or brand you are starting. Websites are powerful marketing tool that [...]

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5 Proven Ways to Decrease Bounce Rate In WordPress Blog

Although, a lot has been said, and written on reducing bounce rate of a WordPress website/blog yet many people fail to accomplish such an objective. But that's more likely because [...]

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How comment tweaking can help you create a better WP site?

"Comment Tweaking in WordPress is not an easy task, in fact and it helps you to create a better WP site, it is near to impossible.Thanks to truckloads of resourceful [...]

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Handy Guide to Recover When Your WordPress Site is Hacked

If your WordPress website has been hacked but has a complete backup, then you will never lose your data, or any other information related to your site. However, many website [...]

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WordPress Multisite or Multiple WordPress Installations- Which Way to Go?

The staggering performance of WordPress CMS has motivated individuals and enterprises to choose the software for powering their websites and e-stores. Plus, you might have definitely encountered WordPress fans who're [...]

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8 Best WP Plugins That Help Promote Posts On Social Media Sites

Any serious blogger will spend hours on researching and analyzing to create compelling content for their blog. However, you'll probably spend much more time in promoting your blog than the [...]

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Drive More Traffic To Your WordPress Site With These Social Sharing Plugins

Have you been seeking out ways that can help drive more traffic to your WordPress website? Probably, you may even find different techniques to increase your website traffic. For instance, [...]

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10 Striking WordPress plugins for achieving a cooler website

10 Striking WordPress plugins for achieving a cooler website Plugins are indeed the best assets of WordPress CMS(Content Management System). If you've been using WordPress CMS for quite some time, [...]

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