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When it comes to blogging then, one can deny the importance of WordPress. It is the largest and most widely spread blogging system. WordPress provides enormous useful functions and is user friendly. When we talk about best websites then security and efficiency are the two main things that should always be considered. Every site has some weakness due to which it is easy to hack them. WordPress sites like other websites can face security issues. Due to this flaw or drawback its popularity can be reduced. So it is very important to make the site secure. Different WordPress security plugins are available which help to serve this purpose. These plugins are mostly free and can be easily located on the internet. Here are some Best WordPress Security Plugins which will help increase the security of your WordPress blog.

1)       Wordfence Security

Wordfence security plugin is one of the popular and best among some top WordPress security plugins. It provides a number of useful features like DNS security monitor, firewall protection and file malware scanner. Besides this it also helps to stop brute force attacks. The plugin also plays a role in improving login security as well.


Best WordPress Security Plugins

2)      BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security plugin plays a vital role in securing the essential files against attacks. It helps to protect website against code injection and Sql injection hackings. It is famous WordPress security plugin which keeps the performance of site at its best level.

Best WordPress Security Plugins 2


3)      Acunetix WP Security

Acunetix WP Security has a number of unique features which make it to stand among the list of best WordPress security plugins. It has a number of options which help in the security of database and version security. It has also support for admin protection. It is freely available. It is also considered an ideal plugin for the purpose of scanning your website or blog. Its demand, with the passage of time is increasing and everyone desires to install this plugin. It is also among some of the mostly widely and commonly used WordPress security plugins.

Best WordPress Security Plugins 3


4)      Better WP Security

Better WP Security plugin is best for website security and stops brute force attacks. These attacks can cause a serious damage to any site. Mostly users do not change the username and admin login path so it is easy to hack it. The plugin has the support that it can change wp-admin path and content thus reducing vulnerability attacks. It is a plugin which many users prefer to install for their site safety and it is also in the list of top WordPress security plugins.

Best WordPress Security Plugins 4


5)       Akismet

Akismet stands in the list of well-known and renowned WordPress security plugins. It plays a role in checking the comments that whether they are spam or not. It automatically filters out such comments which are spam or look like spam. We can also easily analyse that which comment was spammed, cleared or caught as there is a status history of each comment.

Best WordPress Security Plugins 5


6)      Block Bad Queries

Block Bad Queries or BBQ is a plugin which checks the incoming traffic and then identifies the bad URL requests. It is best for blocking the suspicious URL requests. It is also easily available over the internet and is easy to use.

Best WordPress Security Plugins 6


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