Any serious blogger will spend hours on researching and analyzing to create compelling content for their blog. However, you’ll probably spend much more time in promoting your blog than the time you’ve invested in actually writing it.

Probably by now, you’ll be wondering where you could promote your blog posts? Of course, there could no other place better to promote your posts than social media networks – where we spend 28 percent of our online time.

While there are many popular social networks out there such as the likes of Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter to name a few, many new social networks are getting developed frequently. And so, you’ve plenty of opportunities to promote your blog content on many different social networking sites.

However, most of the bloggers find posting on every social media network difficult and useless, as they fail to interact with each of those networks. Of course, you can choose WordPress plugin development services to come up with a tailored solution that match your needs. But, there is another alternative as well that you can opt for: there are great plugins available in the WordPress Plugins Repository that makes the task of promoting a blog easy.

Let us look at some of the best WordPress plugins that can be used for promoting your blog posts on social media sites:

1. NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster

NextScripts is one WordPress plugin that you can’t miss to have, when you want to promote your WordPress blog posts on niche social networks automatically. It helps re-publish WordPress posts to social media sites like Google+, Facebook, Blogger, Likedin, Delicious, etc. Simply write a new blog post, and either that post or its announcement will get published in all of your social media accounts along with a backlink.

2. Microblog Poster

This plugin helps in publishing new WordPress blog posts to social media accounts/profiles automatically using a formatted message containing a backlink. However, you’ll need to configure a few social accounts such as Linkedin, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter. Additionally, the plugin also allows to re-publish old WordPress posts to the configured social accounts automatically.

3. Buffer My Post

Wouldn’t it be great if you can auto publish your blog content to multiple social media networks after a set time? That’s possible with the help of “Buffer My Post” WordPress plugin. The plugin keeps on posting your old WordPress posts to buffer to keep it alive. Most importantly, it enables you to set time, as well as, the number of posts that you would want to publish – but only to specific buffer profile.

4. Tweetily – Tweet Your Posts Automatically!

If you have a maximum number of users on Twitter account, then you’ll find Tweetily a highly useful plugin. This is because the plugin randomly chooses a post and post it on the social network automatically in the form of a tweet. What’s more? You can choose to schedule the time and the number of tweets, you would like to display on your social media profile.

5. Social Media Auto Publish

This plugin also helps in publishing posts from a WordPress blog automatically, but only to a handful of social media networks such as Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook. What makes this plugin different from others is that allows to publish blog posts on social media networks with image.

6. Social Auto Poster

This is a premium WordPress plugin created by Codecanyon that allows to automatically post your blog content to social networks. It even provides the ability to select the post that you would like to publish on your social media account. It is compatible with plugins like Easy Digital Downloads, WooCommerce, etc. It is available for $28.

7. JetPack

This is an extremely popular, in fact, the most used WordPress plugin that offers a set of rich features. But, in our case we’ll talk about how it helps automate the task of publishing WordPress posts on social networks. It works quickly and is easy to setup. It helps publish blog posts across many different social media sites.

8. Social

Although this plugin doesn’t actually publish your post on social media sites, but it will help associate your Facebook and Twitter accounts with your blog. Once you’ve published a new post, the plugin will automatically broadcast a message regarding the post to your social media accounts.

Summing Up!

Publishing on social media networks is an excellent way to drive traffic to your WordPress blogs. There isn’t any correct way to promote the blog content on social media. In fact, most of the people (ideally, bloggers) like posting their blog posts in their own unique ways. While some would be satisfied only by posting their blog content on social media, a few others might prefer to publish posts on social networks along with backlinks or image.

Whatever your requirement may be, the list of aforementioned plugins will definitely help you meet your desired objective with ease.

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