Imaging and graphic designing is not just about a few photography tools and stuff. It requires a lot of practice and wise decisions to be made to produce really amazing results to amaze your clients like never before. It is very easy to design good images if you learn element wise. This is a list of some of the best graphic design tutorials, master them and you can create any type of a graphic illustration with ease:

1) How to design a magazine cover

This is a highly paid freelance or paid job, and you can even make a living out of it. Understand this tutorial to the best extent, and you are good to go.


2) Create a vector map collage map

This might not really come handy, but it is a really cool thing to learn, to practice and implement, and these designs are very versatile.



3) Create Retro Poster art

Retro posters, music, everything have a great hype. You may use these everywhere to make things look cool.



4) Create Urban Type

Are you also inspired by the coolest album covers, or album covers text for those cool hip hop music creators, and Dj’s, well with this tutorial you will be able to create cool stuff like this too.



5) How to use textures in your Images

Textures look really good everywhere. May it be a wallpaper design, a poster design, anywhere, they look really great. This tutorial will help you choose the best texture and implement it.



6) Pattern Design Tutorials

With this, you can learn to create amazing and beautiful patterns, that may be used anywhere, all based on your creativity, with the help of the pen and pencils from Illustrator and Photoshop itself, with a lot of ease.



7) Tips for Creating and Using Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes are the base of all the graphical illustrations and images available around us. This is an article of tutorial about using the geometric shapes in the perfect manner, and also creating them to achieve great results.



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