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WordPress is the most popular CMS, because of the fact that it is most easier to work on, and has a lot of economic and cheap upgrades and options, making it shine out of the other platforms like this. As a WordPress developer, you can make a lot of money, and more, if you save your time and efforts. Here is a list of some of the best WordPress plugins for you, as a developer.


1) Jet pack

This is a multi feature plugin, it will show you a lot of information about statistics like subscription data, authors, some administrative benefits, etc.


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2) WP mobile

Most of the users access your blog from a mobile phone, and redesigning the site according to mobile compatibility is very tough. This plugin will make your site totally compatible with mobile platforms.


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3) Next Gen Gallery

This is an amazing plugin, with which you can crate out of the box galleries, that look extremely good.


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4) Buddy Press

If you are creating a social networking blog, this Is the best thing to get. A great plugin helping you a lot.


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5) HTML to WordPress Converter

This is a plugin which will allow you to convert your old boring HTML website into the CMS based, that is the WordPress based website, easy to edit, and save a lot of your time, if you try to manually move stuff.

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6) Google Analyticator

With this, you need not visit the google analytics site again and again. This will embed the google analytics in your WordPress dashboard, and you can track the visitors, bounce rate, etc., directly from there.


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7) Viper’s Video Qucktag

Developed by Viper, a cool developer, this will ease the task of embedding a video on your blog.


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