As an office website, a photographer’s portfolio, or just a random product site, photo sliders and picture galleries is a very common thing, we get to see or implement. These play a little slideshow of the images you chose, in a fancy way, and make them look good. Some of them are complex, while some are compact ones. The best way to achieve this is by using the jquery platform. The 10 best jquery image slider plugins are:

1) FerreroSlider

This is an HTML5 based, CSS3 integrated plugin, which can implement a lot of stuff, and is easy to edit. This is free, responsive, and wonderfully great.

ferro slider


2) uSlider

This is very easy to configure, and can have all the types of content may it be images, animations, youtube videos, vimeo videos, etc, very easy to implement.



3) UnSlider

If you are looking for something, that is the least complex and most simple, this is it. No fancy effects, no showdowns, just basic sliding.



4) jQquery Light Slider

Lightslider is a very small, merely 6kb in size, and is very easy to implement! Allows you to create thumbnails, and works wonderfully well.



5) Glide.js

Glide has a very unique compatibility with touch screens. You can slide using your touch screen. Based on the CSS3 and fallback with previous browsers, this is a really cool jqeury slider plugin, and really efficient to use!



6) Slider Shock

The cool thing about this Is that it can contain multimedia from external sources too. Very easy to configure and implement, and works great  for all.



7) Slippy

This is a new responsive jquery image slider plugin. Works really great, and is based on the newest jquery features.



8) RTP Slider.js

RTP is a very flexible and new plugin in the market. Least complex, small size, and is compatible with all the browsers.



9) Minimus Slider

Minimus slider is one of the most compact and less complicated slider plugin. It can contain any type of multimedia data, may it be images, html5 videos, flash videos, etc, but actually they were born to be used for images.



10) SlideMe

This is a responsive, CSS3, and highly compatible plugin, also supported by older platforms like IE7.



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