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How to Design a Progressive Web Application

Progressive web application technology is the next logical step in web development. Progressive web apps, or shortly PWAs, are built and designed with supreme user experience in mind. Such web applications are secure, fast and engaging to the user. They can be installed to their home screen on a desktop and function like a native app on a mobile screen. PWA technology has broad opportunities for improvement. Do you wonder how PWA design differs from traditional website design? Well, you’re about to find out now.

Tips for designing beautiful ecommerce app templates

Mobile app users dictate the features that must or must not be included in an app. This is becoming quite a trend to follow. The feedback loop can only be complete when the feedback you receive is implemented as an input. So, especially while designing ecommerce apps where customers are the prime focus, you need to take into account the features that your customers prefer and those that they don’t.

10 Things You Need To Know From Social Media Marketing

Consistently, Social Media Examiner discharges its yearly Social Media Marketing Industry Report and takes a gander at how advertisers are utilizing social media to develop their organizations. Fortunate for you, I’ve picked a couple of features from the report that influence you as an entrepreneur.

Can technology be useful for your fashion business?

Technology has reshaped many fields in business and fashion is one of them. Fashion and retailing industry have found a driving force in technological advances. Today, there is a lot of awareness in this industry about how growth rates can be doubled while giving back to the environment.

Technology is more a

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